Insights to Action: Networks & the Consultative Approach
13 August 2019 • tvsquared
Meg Coyle,
MarCom Director

Each day, on my way to work, I use the commuting time to catch up on industry news. (Of course, I’m at the mercy of the NYC MTA wifi, but 75% of the time it works!) This morning, I watched a Beet.TV interview with Jo Ann Ross, President and Chief Advertising Revenue Officer, at CBS.

The interview focused on DTC brands and how they work with CBS to use TV for both reach/awareness and performance. Yes; a lot of press focuses on DTC’s use of TV lately, but this interview stood out for one big reason:

Networks Taking a Consultative Approach

Broadcasters, MVPDs and media owners (for the sake of simplicity and word count, I’m going to say “networks” from now on) have increasingly recognized the importance of performance when it comes to TV campaigns. For most brands it’s not just about how many eyes could have seen their spots, but how many actually responded to them – via online sales, search, site visits, app activity, SMS, you name it.

And while showing advertisers how campaigns impacted business outcomes is a major leap forward for networks, what else are they doing to make those insights  actionable? Jo Ann addressed this in a very refreshing way:

“You can always work to improve what you’re doing with them in terms of the KPIs, the return on investment and to make sure they get what they bought … make sure you deliver on the promises you made to them.”

To me, this says that CBS is not only using performance insights to prove TV works, but to also collaborate with advertisers to optimize it even more. It’s a consultative approach from the sell-side that is rather new and, frankly, awesome. Comcast Spotlight is another example of a network ahead of the curve in this regard.

You can have all the insights in the world at your fingertips. But it’s what you do with them that really matters.