On-Demand Webinar: TV Ad Trends in Germany
09 May 2018 • tvsquared
Jayne Fairchild,
Marketing Manager – Europe

TV advertising accounts for a €5B industry in Germany, and is expected to grow by close to 10% by 2021. Despite headlines announcing TV’s death, the average German watches 3.6 hours a day, with almost 90% doing so with second-screen devices nearby. Because of this, advertisers in the DACH region now leverage TV for both reach and immediate digital action.

In the latest “Ad Break” webinar, Melanie Eckl, our Munich-based director, discusses the biggest TV ad trends impacting the German market. In addition to TV viewing realities, Melanie covers:

– TV’s evolving role as a performance-marketing channel, which can be measured and optimized in real time.

– The influx of e-commerce, tech and OTT brands as the fastest-growing group of TV advertisers. In Germany alone, e-commerce TV ad spend exceeds €1.3M.

– The emergence of new ad formats to minimize disruption and maximize viewer attention.

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