5 Questions With … Rebecca Housman, Client Services Data Analyst
21 November 2018 • tvsquared
Jayne Fairchild,
UK Marketing Manager

In the latest installment of our “5 Questions With …” blog series, which spotlights the great talent at TVSquared, we speak with Rebecca Housman, our NYC-based Client Services Data Analyst.

  1. What is your role at TVSquared? What do you do day-to-day? 

I rarely have a set day-to-day routine. Some tasks are routine but I’m always prepared for new queries that crop up. One of the key areas I am responsible for is being the main point of contact for our clients if they have any technical questions about the TVSquared service. Questions we get range from simply, “how do I do this?” to more complex ones, specific to live TV campaigns. It’s always interesting to see what the clients are using our portal for.

Rebecca Houseman

Another aspect of my role is to manage the on-boarding of new clients, guiding them through the technology and getting them set up with TVSquared. As the portal is updated with each client’s initial dataset, as well as post-campaign logs and response data, we regularly check in on progress and additional queries.

2. What’s your favorite part about working here? 

TVSquared’s product is cutting-edge and I love that the company is growing so rapidly, making for an exciting working environment. The people I work with – both internally and our clients – are incredibly smart and talented problem solvers, so I’m excited to come to work every day and be surrounded by like-minded people in an awesome culture.

3. Is there an aspect about your role or recent achievement that you’re particularly proud of? 

It never gets old to show a client how to use the TVSquared product suite and transform their optimization decisions. Being able to show value in the tools as well as the efficiency of how clients should optimize their TV buys is always rewarding. Also, I love positive feedback from clients. Such as how important the insight they gathered from TVSquared was in impacting future budget decisions.

4. You’re based in NYC, but most of your team is in Edinburgh. What’s your experience like working with people who are on a different continent? 

It’s great fun working with people from different continents. Whether you’re in the same physical location or not. As you are exposed to more cultural experiences. My mornings, in particular, up until noon ET, are really valuable to me. That’s because it’s the time when we have the most overlap with the UK team. It’s taught me to be very effective at time management and also utilize the latest tech – Screen Share, Google Hangout, Skype and Slack are my friends!

5. Finally, as we ask this of everyone, what’s your favorite TV ad campaign? 

A recent commercial from thetruth.com stood out for me. It’s a witty anti-smoking campaign that targets Millennials and Gen Z viewers. It’s got a catchy jingle in a lullaby fashion to “twinkle twinkle little star,” but the messaging is very clever with the use of cartoon animation to resonate with the target audience.